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released December 14, 2013

Written & Performed by AKOKO

Engineered by Jake Grotticelli of House Studio DC

Album Art by Irie Imaging / / Photography by Siddiqui Sight & Vision




AKOKO Washington, D.C.

AKOKO is a soulful female-commanded "hip-pop" duo formed by progressive artists Sloane Amelia (Irie X) & Sugg Savage. Hailing from the Washington, DC area, their last release - CATARAPS - has earned them international performances at festivals such as NXNE & A3C, shows at many of Americas' prominent venues, & a growing genre-bending fanbase. ... more

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Track Name: A++

[Sloane Amelia]

Oo, yummy, haters, my favorite dish

Devour the cowards, use they bones for my fucking toothpick.

Then hit the pavement, With the fragrance of elation.

Laced in, rancid ilyrization.

The tropical prodigal daughter, Methodical author.

Ear candy I offer, to you, you, & you.

Step into my office

The motto is keeping it cute and consistent.

Log the fuck off, I don't need your assistance

This sister is vicious, I strike with precision,

just check the forensics if they even existing.

I never had issues with playing position,

My teams off the charts, yours is barely efficient.

Surpassing sufficient is the new goal at hand

And My ovaries done told me I’m the mother fucking man.

Understand. I am legend.

And the queen don't leave her throne to argue with a fucking peasant.

Irie S ain't with the essence of second guessing the presence of the company

I keep.

You a sneaker then peep the reaper.

[Sugg Savage]

Mira Mira Mira Mira Mira

Mira Mira Mira Mira Mira

Bet your whole dam crew

Can catch a face-lift from the Savvy boot

Hats off to you, if you ain’t riding lick my Savvy poo

Cancerian sun gives light capi moon by Virgo raise

Got leo ways Ms.cleo gaze into your inner feuds

Intuitive, scrutinous, succulent, fuck it if it’s your opinion

It’s irrelevant to these hellion twins

Rebellion sins I’m sinister menace

Signed and stamped suggerton, With love

No got dam glove I wanna feel it real shit flip it split it

Get it get it get it get it

My whole world ended 99 And im still trying rap my head around it

Grammy bounded daddy issues I drink about it

shit keeps me grounded

be scratching my booby and watch in a movie

while eating a Sammie all in my pajamies

the simpler days magnificent shades

to block the rays that lays beneath the retina

arouse “heck yea”can you check her

I give lecture to your sector

Induce brains with piercing pressure

Cali bread buttered up

Side of bacon with a cold cup of what the fuck

While you jive and shuck we on the up and up

Drag queen no peen with the gushy stuff

(You Like You Like You Love it Yes You Do)

God dam it I manage to fuck you up don’t I, Better know I

The girl dark with the snake eyes with your pop pop eating popeyes

Crispy recipe. Strapped you better be

With the nines, we the two. Strutting ass damies.

Dreamt my shit was so hot. Satan could light a jack with the chrome anus

That’s heinous I’m Gaseous

Casious blows. On my tip toes

Quid pro quo ill flow for a spring role

Living mad rough. lunch with the dingoes

Give em tingles with the metaphors. Tongue to the floor

Gum To The Soles Of the Kicks Of The Souls

Come to me Come to me Come to me now

Pumpity Pumpity Pumpity

Sounds of the excess, Dripping from your neck sweat

Cinnabon and a jet pack, On my wet back

Confirmation of my dedication, recycling my defecation

Hands High if you with it

We be that snatch rap supreme,

I am the queen. With the lean figure and

I breath the heat, I cleanse the feet

Two stepping in my fortress, Got more tricks

Little jimmies rigor mortis

From my two tits give “oh shits” to victims

mitch I, look for love at ottakon

spitting autobahn, shit to murder many man

in a mini van, with a mini wang, bumping Keith Sweat

no neck while he chilling with the seat back, chilling with the seat back

[Sloane Amelia]


Chickity-check it, something electric when a sister dissect it

Wickedest with it, let's dribble with this shit, look at the figgedty-facts them

Like an erect dick, pick a direction, too busy relaxing

You can affect it, yeah you can affect it if you just get off your ass and

(All I hear are lies leaving your mouth now)


Why do we try?
Track Name: Broken Bread


[Sloane Amelia]

Why do we reach for the clouds when we know we are stars?

Why do we reach for the clouds when we know we are meant to be stars?

Verse 1

[Sugg Savage]

I am half prophet with thoughts abstract

Black on black, Sipping on yack

Back to back with facts, feeling detached

Slouching my back too, see me satchel?

Provided in 1991

Back when my antics were looked over

He’d lash and I’d be sober

I grew older colder

Covert emote cant control her

Outletting in musical ways

Back in youthful days, punk rock saved, and metal I played

Fake tats and drawings of burning and Lucifer

And then the brows were raised

Caught in the haze of am I normal

Then the swagger changed

And then the anger came

Growing pains all up in my fingertips

Played it til I could feel that shit

Bleeding scabbing and peeling it

Think I don’t know pain? I was promised we’ve been married since

Songs of resentment

But in my recent I’ve been just thriving just to reach them

Souls who can relate to my speakings, refuge seeking

Breaking and bending just to feed them.

but I aint eating low on the food chain

tryna make some dam change


[Sloane Amelia]

Why do we reach for the clouds when we know we are stars?

Why do we reach for the clouds when we know we are meant to be stars?

Verse 2:

[Sugg Savage + Sloane Amelia]

miseducation gone be the death of these celebrities

Brain freezes, forgetting the reasons they came for

and giving less fucks to get paid more

and then crave more

(more, more, more, more)

Just to feel useful

Just a little we try, and do the right thing

But just to make it

Just a little we fall and do the wrong thing

Just to feel useful

Just a little we try, and do the right thing


[Sloane Amelia]

Why do we reach for the clouds when we know we are stars?

Why do we reach for the clouds when we know we are meant to be stars?

Verse 3

[Sloane Amelia]

Never the less, always the more

Keep on giving it these pivotal moments we have in store

All depicting a future we cant afford, to avoid

Filling a void in our hearts in our arts

We depart from our senses to bring forth relentless

Devotion to creation, emancipation from an apathetic nation

We don’t dispel in moderation, that’s large doses

The choices we are making, are shaping the young voices

Deny not our notions of motions to succeed

For us to create is to live eat and breathe

Our existence, our fitness

Recharged with each verse, and each chord, and each stroke

And each soul that we touch with our verb

Don’t need to be seen, we long to be heard

Stomachs are empty

But our hearts our full

We’ve got plenty

Of what you’re looking for

Who knows where the stars will land (3)
Track Name: Cataraps


[Sugg Savage]

Fuck wit ya girl lyrics straight from the cooka

Zipping thru your city hoodied, zippity dooda

Antics to move ya, a future cougar

Keep my sky bluer, with the bull on the fewer

I was a loser, or I am a loser, but what is a loser?

When you got them puters, and you got computer

And we got the wifi. Twitter getting high five, no bye byes, with no eyes

Hot sauce on French fries, snap pics wit yo nigs

Then compare your dick size, got no lives

But you living lavida loca, and the shit the come out your boca

Make a Savage want to choke ya, but Im classy,

Flashy and raspy, pinky up sipping high tea, with my peeps

While you was bumping ozzy in your Cosby Sweater,

Abercrombie Adolf hipster Nazi, I’m hip to the falsies

Soft as Ben and Jerry, all you Pinhead Larrys

Im fucking Dirty Dan, blood of the lamb all in my curry

Fans be kind of scary, but I don’t bite, I’m not Mike

Enticing yes sir, no sir, Omarosa toned sipping mimosas

Hmm I guess that Im grown up, Hmm I guess that its time for me to own up

To fucking student loans but I never pick that phone up

Let it ring with middle fingers thrown up


(1,2,3 uh)

Fuck wit ya girl lyrics straight from the cooka (8)

Verse 2

[Sloane Amelia]

Irie In the building, Irie came to kill em

Harder than ever to tell who's right & who's the villain

That’s alright cause how Im feeling

All of y'all can be my victims

Every single last one can get the mother fuckin business

'Cause you wasn’t wit me when I was slaving up in the kitchen

But now you wanna sit at my table?

Got to know you're fuckin tripping.

This aint about no handouts. This my route.

Put in work to get this here crown.

Now bow down.

(Irie came to conquer)

Irie came to conquer, you could never stop her, stop her

(and I will not falter)

Number one chief rocker, number one shit talker, talker

(Irie came to conquer)

Now there's a lot of shit that's being brought up

(and i will not falter)

and your Tropical Prodigal Rasta Daughters' honored

Like I don't know what you been doing. Please

Like i don't know what you been doing. Please

Like I don't know what I'm doing . Please.

I'd rather go under siege than die looking up from my knees.

(You don't know me (x4))

Fuck with your girl, lyrics straight from the Cougar (x8)

Verse 3

[Sugg Savge]

Top gun shooter young spitter with the hooters

Deadly venom sick em. Stingy with the cooter.

Mic and a Heineken straight from the cooler

Sipping and delivering the word and the neuter.

[Sloane Amelia]

The kitty got no pity’s for all of your didnt knows

Take that ignorant ass and read between the idioms

Idiots, Living oblivious

[Sugg Savage]

Call me Suggerton Savagi

From PG like Taraji

But similar to the Sushi Roll established in Cali

Pot heads and sober Sallies

Me dread me dilly dally

Busting ass for a paycheck scrubbing Pitts and Border Collies

As I concentrate to medicate the real estate as they await

Alive, Awake, Alert

Alive, Awake, Alert

Fucking with us may just

Catch you in your jugulars

I Juggernaut you little snot them gimmicks for your mom and pops

[Sloane Amelia]

You don’t know we (4X)

[Sugg Savage]

Fuck with your girl lyrics straight from the Cooka

Fuck with yourselves you are straight from the Cooka

Fuck the world and what it does to the Cooka

The bodies that embody that primordial soup, yea
Track Name: Deadly Venom

[Sloane Amelia]

So I’m stepping up into this rap game

Giving the business a new name

To hate on to envy

Patience running on empty

I’m tired of the radio commercial bull

New order in full effect

Non negotiable

Respect or hit the road that’s not cold

I’m just real

I Call it how I see it, fuck artificial appeal

Stay def to the death of me

Yeah I’ll forever be

Slaying all these wannabe emcees

Killing em with ease

I arrive on the scene fully equipped

With a full clip of lyrics to silence the ignorance

So sick when I spit I admit I transmit

Some knowledge that may cause vomit if you marinate on it

I target every bit of bullshit in my path so try to cross the boss and get that red beam on ya ass wit a laugh

no I don’t chase the cash I just chase the facts

spread that info for the payback

them mother fuckers hate that

[Sugg Savage]
The deadly venom, let me start from the beginning

Yo, we always hittin so they’ll be no extra innings


From mercury to alcapoco

I can poke your neuro

I aint making euros but I make a lot of sense though

Searching for some change to by a vagrant complacency

We claim to be

We aim to be

The saviors of the sanity

Folks they stare at me

Not cuz of what I’m wearing

But because my mind, projects the raw, they vexed

Push play, relax

As if they said no words to me

Hip hop was never dead to me

Punk rock hip hop and keds to me

Something like wine and bread for me

Blood and body

Boogie said he’d come for me

Lock that door threw away the key

The absence of the fleet can lay the beast to sleep

So put away your peace and grab a hold of the piece

They call me sugga sava

Head thrasher ear drum attacker

Leave ya pissin backwards

I’m a stinker bleeding ink up on your “pledge allegiance”

And I don’t come in pieces

Except me or forget me but play me and you’ll regret me and my…

Deadly Venom


[Sloane Amelia]

While they in it for the moment

I do this for movement

Cuz talking means nothing unless you back it up and prove it

Truth is, they lay back and flip the script

Capitalizing on lies to try to keep us all whipped

Too hip to the bullshit that they slip into our mental

We dying they thriving keep thinking its coincidental

Take a deep breath

Take a pause

Got you right where they want you

Dangling from their paws

Gotta struggle and hustle to keep your head above the water

Drown in deceit chasing that all mighty dollar


Cant rationalize

Please open your eyes

And lend me that ear my dear

Don’t believe everything you think

And don’t repeat everything you hear

The mans biggest fears are my biggest dream I’d rather be they’re worse fuckin nightmare

[Sugg Savage]

I’ll slap a perpetrating hippy out my god dam face

If you aint repping for a cause then you a god dam waste

A fro a fist and some hoops don’t make you angela davis

Now check my words and my flow

Let me see how do I say this

Trying to be an anomaly is kind of a contradictory

The swag allah bestowed on thee

Is all you need

Now please believe I’m sneezing steeze in a tissue

With a little spit too

Jam it in your ear canal and infiltrate cerebral

The truth is detrimental and they’re lies are even more so

They feeding you that bull shit and you eating every morsal

Uncle sammies gonna work you til you feel it in your torso

Yes master got you in that choke hold

The penicle of senicle take a hit of the keepers dro

Puff it pass and repeat it

Though high is never achieved

Head up high and my feet down low

We was sent to deplete the foe

Deadly venom and stupid flow
Track Name: Dogma (The Sparrow)
Dogma (The Sparrow)


[Sugg Savage]

Can you give it to me (oh)

Two times for me (oh)

Three times for me (oh)

And this another one for me (oh)

Verse 1

[Sugg Savage]

Hasta luego, toast my eggo. Taste hate in these stale hopes

Brought to me from Trinidad and Tobago

Brought to you from Trinidad and Tobago

Grey notes got me drinking grey goose feeling loose

Fucking recluse, chucking the deuce then double back

Troubling fucking facts

Stumbling over the symbols, signals in overtures

Simba was fatherless, realist fable

Are you capable and stable?

Without a cane are you able

Novocain, can’t save you, major pain, major labels

Bring your juevos, motherfucker

This is the valley of the shadow of the death in the light of the life tell me

Who you gon rep?

Verse 2

[Sloane Amelia]


High intolerance for trollops out of pocket

Know your trife ass needs to stop it.

Excuse my Cockiness but I get a lot of this,

Take your compliments, shove em down ya esophagus

Tired of monotonous encouragement

Synonymous with all your bottomless promises

Fuck off, & join I’m a dumbass anonymous

I’m predicating an ominous ending in a sarcophagus for you

Get the fuck up out my room. Get the fuck up out my view

You’s a fucking nincompoop

I don’t want nothing to do

With your fake ass

Hope you feel discouraged every time I’m on the tape deck

Now take that

(Release your grip up off my body,

Cause I’m the type of shawty

hurt more than your feelings

I know you gon feel this.)


[Sugg Savage]

Can you give it to me (oh)

Two times for me (oh)

Three times for me (oh)

And this another one for me (oh)

If that man come around I gon tell em’ that

I’ll hit him with the two piece smooth

Tell him that I’ll get em’ with that steel piece too

You beat me. I’ll beat you.
Track Name: Double Dutch

Verse 1

[Sloane Amelia]

Welcome to the badlands

I’ma bad Mamma – Jamma,

Killed his ego. No hammer

The fall-out is here. Wo-Man up

If you don’t clown with your crown then stand up.

Stand Down, No time to renounce

When the sound off resounds get your feet on the ground

No lounging around

We taking them out

The war path is loud,

Hope you really about yours.

[Sugg Savage]

Mounds, pits and zip tied lips

Long sleeves filling holes ripping turf

Sit and observe, hands in the dirt

This is earth, spitting many verb any given verse

[Sloane Amelia]

Black fucking swan, it’s a new dawn

My rule something gruesome,

Get your boots on.

Feel my rebellion.

Came in, renewed the recon.

[Sugg Savage]

Crushing motherfuckers with the croutons

And ranch, dressing on these bars in my boss suit

Lawsuits persecuted,

Execution of the foolish, who do not do this like I do this

Open up your mouth and catch the truest

[Sloane Amelia]

No time to sleep, out of yesterdays’ patience,

Plus Taurean tenaciousness –

What that make?

A hellacious occasion,

Its time to pick a side

Pack up and slide,

Or back of the line

Came with an attitude,

Came with a rhyme,

Irie not evil, I just read the signs.

[Sugg Savage]

I am not feeble in terms of the mind

Cindy Vortexing it flex on enzymes

I am knievel I rip and I rhyme

Like Dylan and Dylan say that three more time


[Sloane Amelia]

Double Dutch Jump the Clutch

Switch it up Do a buck

Run it in over-drive

the semi-automatic mind.



[Sugg Savage]

Semi audio blasting fantastic rhymes that’s Jurassic as the kids who now get at it

Not necessarily from the school of hard knocks

But I’ve received them

Bang bang bangs on the door the trini slang it do proceed it

Disturbing suburbian blues, with shades of green,

White out for the in between, Clorox for the crime scene

Little messy with the rhyme scheme uhn

City living for the time being

I be the dope heem dame with the lyrical game

I am the outty belly button on your lefty cousin Doris

She a Taurus, Chuck Norris couldn’t catch up to these motherfuckers

Finna put a hex on your holy water

[Sloane Amelia]

Simm Simma -- This mamma be the prima

Athena -- Bring your A-game to my arena

Quick to be spotted like a cheetah on the record like a couple misdemeanors

Now huddle in the puddles of a leader

The ovaries flush out the love for the evils

Speed up, come

Discover my love for the people.

Del Toro, Ariba!

I grab life by the horns on the beat plus Steven

Educated a young senorita

I reteach you

A lot of these people seem to think I need them.

Let’s not pretend this ain’t my mother fucking season.


[Sloane Amelia]

Double Dutch Jump the Clutch

Switch it up Do a buck

Run it in over-drive

the semi-automatic mind.

Track Name: No Offer

Verse 1

[Sloane Amelia]

Let me start of by saying H NO

You can fake all you want out the real door.

One track train of mind, I derail those

Expose, dispose, my flows are not prejudice

I don’t care, race color or creed,

Step up to me, get done up, Irie

Ain’t playing.

Arrived on time, hit them up, Kaio-ken, its potent (the potion)

All for the fraud, hot for the moment (its noted)

You’re ignorant (stupid)

We both know it.

Go head rip you a motherfucking book open.

Sloppy ass head, dirty ass mind, pull back the foreskin.

Cognition ain’t too hard to find, beyond the surface.

Keep them nervous like training day,

When you trade in fake in place of peace.

(stupid as shit, goddamn you stupid as shit)

I’m problematic.

They probably pegged a shawty manic in the attic,

Understand it (can’t stand me)

Madder than a rabid Sandler fan it’s tragic (mad at me)

And you could never stop me dam it!


[Sloane Amelia]

This ain't what you want (x7)

Verse 2

[Sugg Savage]

I got a miniature schnauzer that holds more faith than we do

DC, North East reside for 9 months off Sherriff and Eastern Avenue

Where the biggest crooks be the boys in the blue

Not talking opposite of soowoo

Talking bout the fuckers shooting brothers on the avenue

In navy blue suits

Idaho is burning today

And beneath the tectonic plates, where the heck sonnets sang

Sega Sonic the hedgehog did not teach me range

Nor Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, kufis a blaze

In the city pity party on my twitter today

Hash tag “Fuck my life”, no retweets or favs

As expected

I am not the resurrected spawn of a predecessor

(oh Mylanta born a cancer as I seem to be, oh mylanta born a cancer what they say to me)

Or prejudice aggressor festering in peer pressure

Glitter on the dresser right next to perfume and pepper spray

Curve the appeal

These wide eyes hold white eyes that’s real

Contacts to contact the innermost ills

The Internet shields The sentiment
spills the venomous (give em hell kid give em hell)

Shields the sentiment,
spills the venomous
(give em hell kid give em hell)

Idaho is burning today

Dam it I don’t have a fuck to give

Not to say that I don’t give a fuck about the lives took

Just to say I give so many fucks about the lives took

From lives alive

Hooked in the enterprise shook stupid and I

And I cant

And those flames they cleanse the earth

And start a new ashes they fertilize the root

(I got a miniature schnauzer)
Track Name: Nothing Changed ft. Obii Say

Verse 1

[Sugg Savage]

(….. shit)

Well, I guess I am my daddy’s daughter dammit

Darling Felecia silent “i” cuz there’s no point in screaming

Me be so cut throat I choked all my thoughts, feelings are demons

Seems as the ceilings caves

My cave becomes my falcon’s seeling

Hi, I know it. Bye, I know it better

Never believed in sweater season

Seen treason breeze through weather

With reason, I cut the tether

Feathers they flock together

(Its crazy what you can learn about love through nature)

In our nature

Stranger danger’s the way for

Strangers not for our dangers

They say fate comes to the waiters

I think it comes to the painters

Livid vivid hydrangeas

Feeling, angers outrageous.

And perfect imperfections made us

But we hate us


[Sugg Savage]

Aint nothing changed it just looks a little different from these eyes

Shits still the same but the scars change colors in the light.

And that’s life (repeat)

(And its fucked up but we doing it switch the game up to get through it)

Verse 2

[Sloane Amelia]

All the lies


My pensive mind

I can’t rely

On foreign supply

It’s I & I

Irie came to find that she high and dry,

Chocked up in a rope that the v ice provides

So don’t be surprised to find that

Irie done flipped the reigns

Rearranged the lanes

A Pagan approach to your God-Damned games

Like a figment of your imagination

I might appear to give a fuck

But that ain’t shit

Alienated amongst your peers,

In the alien nation crying buffalo tears.

We soldiers out here

Dedicated to that warfare.


[Sugg Savage]

Aint nothing changed it just looks a little different from these eyes

Shits still the same but the scars change colors in the light.

And that’s life (repeat)

(And its fucked up but we doing it switch the game up to get through it)

Verse 3
[Obii Say]
Track Name: Occupy

Verse 1

[Sloane Amelia]

Occuying space & time is not enough,

PLEASE, occupy your mind

We are floating in a digitial ocean, with no compassion, no love, no emotion

We’re choking on that pepper spray

Protesting the poison

We’re the spokesmen for the broken

Who are occupying flesh without occupying freedom in the brain

& its hard to maintain living in chains

From the corner to the burbs,

Yeah we all are getting served

This land of opportunity’s been tainted by material impurites

We are the Ninty-Nine percent

Its time to impliment unity through community

You feeling me?

(Sloane Amelia & Sugg Savage)

So tell me

What are you living for

Tell me

What are you dying for

Tell me

Who do you believe in

Tell me

What are you crying for

Verse 2

[Sugg Savage]

The needle drops dingalinging going down not a sound

Though the heavy metal from the keepers shovel drags on the ground


Theres a hidden hero in your storybook

We over look so lets take another look

Now good don’t always come to the benevolent

Teachers taught me that greed can take you where you never went

Just not to heaven

Found haven in 7 11 from the slurpees

To ranch seeds they all suit my fancy

The small things

And yet I am a puppet hanging from a string

Gotta glitch so they probably gonna pop me 3

Blat blat blow

In my final hour

I’d like to say I lived a hell of a

Particularly irregular

Life of mass hysteria

Black and proud they scared of ya

Scared and black they master ya

Mind game attackin ya

They cut no slack on the back of the spangled flag

Searchin for meaning from cradle to toe tag
Track Name: Royal Flush
Royal Flush


[Sloane Amelia]

Don’t you know a boss when you see one see on

When you see one see one

Don’t you know a boss when you see one see one

When you see one see one

Verse 1:

[Sloane Amelia]

I make moves, I make waves, I make noise

I hate boys with weak lines that talk shit

I enjoy a fat spliff and..

I like to believe I’m smarter than your average

Got a habit of saying what on my mind, verbal static

The first laws in motion, I’m on the run now who gon stop me?

Breaking out of these bars

Yeah they really think they caught me

But I got me a little more consciousness

Which brought me a little more confidence

A little less patience for your incompetence and

More love for my metropolis

I promise if you liked it then now your really gonna love it

If your for the other team now you gon deal with repercussions

I aint bluffing

Just check my record on the subject

Verse 2:

[Sugg Savage]

Lady So black mambazo

I’m 5’4 and skinny

My mommies from Indiana and daddy sosos a trini

Never had no bucks a plenty

Pokemon cards for pennies

I’ve been hoggin microphones since slam juniors a denies sheesh

From booster seats to tax returns

Sit and spins to kiss and rides

First to loose but last to learn oooooooo

Kamekaze cosmopolatins, forget but I’ll acknowledge it

Preschool until my college shit

Representative of the 90s catch me whopping to your new jack

Watusi on your psyche

I see no evil speak no legal spit caneeval

Sentiments in my leisure and no no

I nare go follow the leader

I’m a lone ranger danger major innovator savior saber slash

Obi wan savobi for your punk ass

Verse 3:

[Sloane Amelia]

“Man you a Bitch…”

No I prefer lioness

I got the heart of a hunter beating in my chest

Come correct see fraudulence don’t pique my interest

You see an empress workin for her thrown, respect the intellect

And please some space…

Yeah I’ma need that

Just shut it up

Your feedback you can keep that

I go by Irie s I aint impressed by all your flexin,

So tell me what your tryna do, argue or get to stepping

I mean what is this … the chronicles of ridiculous shit ?

It seems like everything I do somebody’s got my name on their lips

Why don’t you get some business of your own and mind it instead

Girl you might look the part but its whats in your head

From the sway of my hips to the swing of my dreads island girl rasta pride

Caribbean bred

Verse 4:

[Sugg Savage]

Lend me that ear

I’ll trade you for some insight from my nogginterior

But I promise you wont find this shit on teen nick

I’m real quick and fluent

In a lingo that’s congruent

That the old folks might vibe to

And young whipper snappers might jig too

You aint to cool my dude

I promise you weird too

Mind probably fucked up like the homie Freddy Croogs

I’m not rude just honest

I’m not shy but modist

More earthy than a bodist

More Busty than your mama’s mama

I am the drama that you tried to avoid

But I’ma force your ass to feel me

Just Now

Scoot up and take it in

The first time I lost em. The second time will cost em

I take cash and visas mic check be off the rictor meter for sheeza I beez da

Sugga savagieza

Gov name Felecia

Heir of lance and vera

And as the story unfolds I need you to open uup your minds and

Understand the makings of a boss..


[Sloane Amelia]

Don’t you know a boss when you see one

Don’t you know a boss when you see one
Track Name: The Blair Witch Project
The Blair Witch Project

Verse 1

[Sugg Savage]

Sunny Mondays but today’s Wednesday

I met sin on a Friday

We shook hands and I went my way

He followed and fucked me five ways

Asterisk , sigh, asterisk

I thought he wasn't a regular guy

I thought he an irregular guy

(Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy)

Truth be told you’d rather fall asleep than stay awake

Celibate. Scared of fate. While your sleep I’ll be awake

Truth me told you’d rather fall asleep than stay awake

Celibate. Scared of fate. While your sleep I’ll be awake

Verse 2

[Sloane Amelia]


I fault you, you blame me.

There something off in our perceptions

Something we can’t see, Eye to eye.

It’s like world war three when we fight.

We’re moving at two different paces,

Running two different races.

We need a resolution

We have so much confusion

Drawing conclusions

& painting allusions

to hide what’s inside

your reflection

it tells no lies

point your finger at the monster in the mirror

not at I

this blame that game we play,

this mess we’ve gotten into,

Its just all a cover up

Disguising the bigger issue

Its just all a cover up disguising the bigger issue

(Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy)

A kiss on the mind and the body will follow

My dreams you haunt oh

I need you pronto
Track Name: Thee Hipokolypse (Yuko) ft. Sir E.U
Thee Hipókolypse (Yuko)

Verse 1

[Sugg Savage]

I got that I got that Donnie Darko flow

Dark hoe no, black dream yes

No incest, but brother mind, I fucked you

Melancholy por the party

Let me lift and tuck you

I am the sugar Savvy Barracuda

With the cool strut

Doing poodle cuts, and the string plucks

With the roof up, and my soul down

Mind set brown, eyes jet brown

Life on doo doo

Merkin for that paper cuz they tryna get that new new

Hurting for that cheese, tryna feed the noodle

Dreams very very beaucoup

veni vedi vici

to all thee beneath me

as I beseech thee

To get up and off these ovaries

Socrates, steeze, schemes

And the Nubian queen steeze

(where is your fire? where is your fire?)

Live from the belly of the beast

Bubble in the tummy cause we fighting for the keeps

its frigid in the east

head set to wumbo

Digging the mens with skins like Mutombo

Or like he own a machete

Or like he from the Serengeti

Verse 2
[Sir E.U]

Verse 3

[Sloane Amelia]

Truueee, well I got your crazy right here

Sloane Amelia the motherfucking cunt of the year

Audio dagga attacker, stabbing ya right in ya ear

Femme fatal, empress raw, baby pull up a chair

Hippoko aint up on the track, then it aint nothing to hear

go head and put another muthafucking blunt in the air

Burn one for all these rappers bout to lose they careers

And another for the fact that we the baddest in here

Hit you with the new school voodoo in your medulla oblongata

You know I flow with that shrew Juice

The new guru of rap mantra

Check the roster from down Va to Anacostia,

Pg, Uptown, Howard fostered

Track assaulter

Monster Rasta chick

I don’t mean to floss but shit

Hard works paying off

& it costs a lot

To be this goddamn legit

I put passion, power, heart & soul

into everything I rip

come with me, lets take a trip

I’m a young twenty something

Brown skin dipped in honey

Smarter that your whole fucking college

And you aint got to acknowledge it

But as you take another hit, lets contemplate this shit a bit

You know AKOKO, we done gone rouge on these mofos

The moment you think you notice you know us be the same time you know its over

Covert closure.
Track Name: Wasted

[Sloane Amelia]

I can’t wait to cross your mind

When you realize the time

I can’t wait to cross your mind

When you realize the time

You’ve wasted

Verse 1

[Sloane Amelia]

There is no time like the present

So please do no loaf on my presence (x2)

Wasted (x2)

Verse 2

[Sugg Savage]

Do you know me yet?

Is it to late?

I don’t know, will you go, I don’t know

And if I tell you will you

Remember me, if I cant show I don’t know


[Sloane Amelia]

I can’t wait to cross your mind

When you realize the time

I can’t wait to cross your mind

When you realize the time

You’ve wasted